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Denver area no credit car loans

We are a $500 down car lot, which means we can get you driving sooner! Apply Now

We get it, it’s hard enough to make ends meet these days without having to come up with a large down payment before you can get a car.

So we decided we’d rather get people into cars than turn people away until they can get their down payment together. It gives us a strong sense of satisfaction to help people and to keep our local economy vibrant. The more people we can get into vehicles, to live more productively, the better.

We’ve Been a $500 Down Payment Car Lot for a Long Time

In fact, we offered $500 down cars almost since our inception.

If you’ve got $500, a job, and more income than expenses, we can guarantee 100% that we will approve you for a Buy Here Pay Here car loan.

Bad credit car loans are something we do everyday. So you won’t be given the run around, or made to feel bad if you credit isn’t very good at the present time.

If you are needing a no credit car loan due to no credit history, we can get you into a car, truck or SUV that is reliable so you can drive while your credit score grows as you make your monthly payments on time.

We Make it Happen

King Credit Auto Sales has a “make it happen” attitude, with a friendly, non-judgemental sales team to get you driving a pre-owned vehicle today.

If you only have $500 down payment to get a car, call us at 303-287-5511, we can definitely help!


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